Rules of room reservation

1. General terms

1.1. The present document is developed in accordance with the RF Government Decree No.490 “On Adoption of Regulations for the Provision of Hotel Services in the Russian Federation” dated April 25, 1997 and the Law of the Russian Federation “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”.

1.2. The hotel “Leon” (hereinafter – the Hotel) is a property complex of LLC “LIONES” acting under the Charter.

1.3. The Hotel is intended for temporary staying of the citizens and providing related services.

1.4. Hotel room capacity includes a higher category room Suite and rooms of the first category (Junior Suite, Junior Suite Studio, Standard double room); rooms of the second category (Standard double room without window and Economy room). The rooms are equipped with furniture, beddings and other equipment and sanitary items to ensure the living conditions.

2. Room reservation

A guest may decide either to make an advance payment (guaranteed reservation (sub-regulation 2.4.) or not (non-guaranteed reservation – sub-regulation 2.1.).

2.1. In case of non-guaranteed reservation the payment shall be made at the front desk by the guest arriving at the Hotel. Non-guaranteed reservation shall be performed when the guest receives a booking confirmation from the Hotel on terms of financial insecurity of the guest. The booking number, terms and conditions of arrival, costs of the ordered accommodation are necessarily specified in the confirmation.

2.2. Non-guaranteed reservations are secured for a guest till 00.00 (12.00 a.m.) local time on the stated day of arrival. In case of non-arrival till 12.00 a.m. local time, the booking is cancelled automatically. The Hotel terminates its obligations concerning accommodation and the accommodation is made on standard terms subject to availability.

2.3. Non-guaranteed reservation does not cause financial liabilities between the Hotel and the guest.

2.4. The guaranteed reservation is the reservation of a room at the Hotel at which the full legal obligations arise between the Hotel and the guest. The room reservation is guaranteed by an advance payment, at a minimum for the first day of stay, or providing a credit card data to a Hotel and a guest's agreement to charge off the amount from the account. Payment is made after receipt of a booking confirmation from the Hotel.

2.5. Guaranteed reservation is secured for a guest during the first day of stay (up to check-out time (12-00 p.m.) of the day following the day of arrival). In case of non-arrival or late (untimely) cancellation of the reservation (as a rule, the cost of one-night stay in the room) and in accordance with the terms of booking, the Hotel makes an advance payment refund to the guest along with a cancellation fee.

2.6. In case of guaranteed reservation, an advance payment is made non-cash by bank transfer or by credit card, as well as by any other way of cash or non-cash payment. The payment is considered to be effected in case of receipt of funds on the Hotel's current account a calendar day before an arrival. In case of default of payment within the time specified, the booking is considered to be cancelled without advance notification.

3. Rules of staying and rendering of the Hotel services

3.1. The Hotel is operated 24 hours a day. A technological break of duration no more than 30 minutes is from 12.00 a.m. till 2.00 a.m. (night audit). After 12.00 a.m. up to the actual stop of a computerized system for managing, the hotel room check-in is made as a previous day.

3.2. In order to check-in at the Hotel you need to present an RF passport, a birth certificate for children under 14 years old, a passport of the foreign citizen, a visa, a residence card or a migration card (except the citizens of Belarus).

3.3. Check-out time is 12.00 p.m. Moscow time. Check-in time at the Hotel is after 2.00 p.m., check-out time is till 12.00 p.m. In case of an early arrival from 2 a.m. till 2 p.m. (if there are vacant rooms) payment is made for a full day of stay.

3.4. Payment for late check-out (after 12 p.m.) is charged in the following order: - less than 6 hours – for an hour of stay; - from 6 to 8 hours – for a half day of stay; more than 8 hours – for a full day of stay.

3.5. Extension of accommodation after check-out is made when there are vacant rooms.

3.6. In case of absence of a guest in the place of residence for more than two hours (afterwards the check-out time) without paying or by finding out the lost things of a guest, the administration of the hotel creates commission, conducts inventory of property presenting in the room. The guest’s property is left in the safe storage.

3.7. For security of staying at the Hotel there is a permit regime – the entrance to the residential area of the Hotel is made by a key card.

3.8. During accommodation at the Hotel a key card is issued to the guest for the paid period of stay.

3.9. In case of disappearance of personal belongings from the hotel room or loss of the key card, the guest must immediately inform the reception (front desk) or the Hotel's security Service about it in order to take necessary measures for searching the missing stuff.

3.10. A guest's move to the other room is made with his consent.

3.11. The move to the room where another guest is already staying can be made in his presence or with his written consent.

3.12. Persons violating public order or committing hooligan actions shall not be accommodated at the Hotel.

3.13. The following types of free services are provided to the guests: call an ambulance; awaken at the appointed time; use of local telephone services; use of TV (except pay-per-view channels); provision of hot water; provision of one set of tableware and cutlery.

4. The payment for staying and services

4.1. The payment for staying and services at the Hotel is made in rubles in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.

4.2. The fee is charged on the conditions of advance payment for the whole period of stay. Stay in credit is not available at the Hotel.

4.3. For stay in the hotel room less than 1 day (24 hours) the fee is charged as for the full day regardless of check-out time.

4.4. The price list for staying at the hotel “Leon” is approved by the Director General of LLC “LIONES” for a room per day.

4.5. In case of impossibility to provide the room in accordance with terms of a confirmed reservation, the Hotel provides a hotel room of a higher type without extra charge.

4.6. Children under 7 years old stay free of charge when accommodating with parents (guardians) and using existing beds. In the provision of an extra bed for children under 14 years old the payment is made according to the price list of staying at the hotel “Leon”.

4.7. The Hotel renders additional services at charge at the guests’ request in accordance with the list of services (the list of services is in the rooms in the guest services directory or at reception).

5. Rules of staying

5.1. In order to comply with fire safety regulations the guests staying at the hotel are forbidden:

5.1.1. To use in the rooms non-standard (not provided for equipment of a room) electro heating devices, as well as extenders, adapters etc.

5.1.2. To store and bring into the rooms combustible and flammable materials, highly toxic substances, bulky things. Large items (if the sum of the length, width and height exceeds 150 cm) should be deposited in the safe storage of the Hotel. The services of the safe storage are provided only for Hotel residents.

5.1.3. To leave electrical appliance turned on when leaving the room.

5.1.4. To smoke in the room and inside the Hotel (the hotel “Leon” is equipped with a space for smokers).

5.1.5. To cover the electric gadgets.

5.2. To ensure order and security of the hotel guests it is not permitted:

5.2.1. To pass the room key card from the room to the extraneous person.

5.2.2. To leave the extraneous persons in the room in your absence.

5.2.3. For extraneous persons to stay in the hotel room from 08.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m. without a one-time pass registered in the established order, also it's necessary to present the identity document of the invited person. In case of absence of the identity document, the meeting must be hold in the Hotel’s lobby. A stay of invited persons from 11 p.m. till 8 a.m. is only permitted with their registration under the established procedure. In case of non-compliance with the rules a stay at the Hotel can be limited or interrupted.

5.2.4. To disturb hotel guests after 11 p.m.

5.2.5. To violate the sanitary norms and requirements in the hotel room.

5.2.6. To throw garbage, bottles and other objects from the hotel windows.

5.2.7. To carry away bed linen, towels and equipment from the hotel room.

5.3. Guests ought to preserve the property and the equipment of the Hotel, to respect the sanitary norms and public order.

5.4. The Hotel has the right to terminate the agreement in case of repeated or gross violations of accommodation rules. During the eviction a guest must pay for services rendered.

6. Rights and responsibilities of guests

6.1. When discovering the deficiencies in the rendering of services the guest has the right to demand from the administration of the Hotel the following options: elimination of deficiencies free of charge; equivalent services; corresponding reduction of a price for a delivered service.

6.2. Guests staying at the Hotel have the right to terminate the agreement for services at any time, having reimbursed the Hotel costs for services provided to the date of termination.

6.3. In case of loss or damage to the Hotel property the guest is obliged to compensate for the damage in accordance with the current Legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.4. The guests staying at the Hotel are obliged to observe these Rules.

7. Duties and responsibilities of the administration of the hotel

7.1. A daily cleaning of the rooms is made in the hotel rooms.

7.2. The Hotel is obliged to eliminate deficiencies discovered during service rendering.

7.3. In accordance with the Legislation of the RF the Hotel is bearing responsibility for harm caused to life, health, or property of a guest in the consequence of deficiencies during service rendering, as well as compensating for a moral harm caused to a guest during violation of consumer rights in consequence of improper rendering of hotel services.

7.4. The Hotel is not responsible for the safety of the money, other currency valuables, valuable things, which are not deposited. The money and valuable things shall be kept in the safe of the hotel room or deposited with the Hotel duty manager with the payment under the valid Price list.

7.5. In case of forgotten things the administration of the Hotel is obliged to notify the owner of things. The forgotten things are registered in a special journal and put into the safe storage of the Hotel.

7.6. The guestbook is at reception and is issued by the first request of the guest.

7.7. Claims and complaints of the guests, presented in the written form are dealt with within one month from the date of filing of the complaint.

7.8. In case of violation of the present Rules by the Hotel, the protection of guests’ rights provided by Legislation of the RF is carried out according to the Law of the RF “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”.

8. Other terms

8.1. During accommodation at the Hotel documents are issued to the Guest in accordance with Legislation in force, at the same time the bill for the hotel services is certified by a signature of an authorized official of the Hotel and hotel’s seal “For documents”.

8.2. During accommodation at the Hotel of the Guest on terms of a business trip, an assignment certificate should be provided to the Hotel in order to make accommodation marks containing check-in and check-out dates. Such marks are certified by a signature of an authorized official of the Hotel and the hotel’s seal “For documents”.

9. Termination of guests residing at the hotel. Refusal in accommodation

9.1. Guests shall terminate their stay at the Hotel on the date of departure specified in the bill.

9.2. If a resident repeatedly violates the internal rules of accommodation at the Hotel, resulting in material losses or inconvenience to other guests’ stay, the Hotel has the right to refuse or to carry out the eviction.

9.3. The manager has the right to refuse in accommodation in cases:

- the residents have no documents, the documents are invalid or expired, or it is suspected that the documents are forged;

- there is no payment for the room under the established procedure and in the required amount;

- the guest has an untidy dirty appearance, he is drunk or behaves inadequately and aggressively;

- the guest refuses to comply with the internal rules of the hotel accommodation (smoking, parking, etc.);

- the guest is included in the list of unwanted guests (stop list);

- in other cases provided by the Legislation of Russia and common sense.

In case of dispute the issues are solved by the hotel Administration.

9.4. The Hotel maintains a register of unwanted guests (stop list).

It includes:

- the guests residing at the Hotel earlier and forcibly evicted;

- the persons who are wanted;

- the persons listed by the Director of the Hotel.

Rules of accommodation.

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